2-In-1 Luxipaws™ Wireless Dog Fence & Training Collar
🇺🇸  Ship From USA 📦  3-6 Days Shipping Time Available 🔥  Limited Discount Tired of having your dog digging under the fence and jumping 6ft block walls to chase cats? Are you looking for a way that would let your dog...
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2-in-1 Pet Nail Clippers & Grinder with LED light
  Introducing the World's Most Innovative Nail Clippers for Pets The 2-in-1 Nail Clippers & Grinders for Pets is a revolutionary nail grooming kit for pet that has both clippers and grinder in a single device. It is no doubt...
from $59.00
360˚ Rotating Stainless Steel Dog Massage Hair Brush
Easy to Clean Pet Grooming Brush Removes Mats,dander and trapped dirt,Rotatable Slicker Brush-Easy to clean various places Suitable for Long and Short Hair. Pet Slicker Brush doing massage for your pet is good for preventing skin disease and increasing blood...
$29.00 $19.00
  • Blue (4*6.3 Inch)
4-In-1 Dog Bottle: Water & Food Storage, Poop Bag & Shovel
【Powerful Upgraded function】: Newest dog water bottle, 4-in-1 powerful functions: water storage box, food storage box, pet poop bag, and poop shovel. Easily solve outdoor troubles for your dogs. O-shaped drinking trough design perfectly provides a wider drinking area for...
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  • Blue 300ml
BTC™ Dog Barking Training Collar
🇺🇸  Ship From USA 📦  3-6 Days Shipping Time Available 🔥  Limited Discount BTC™ Dog Barking Training Collar is an upgraded bark collar that combines design and technology into one complete product. 90% of dogs trained by BTC™ collar has significant result in...
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Cotton Rope Elastic Rubber Ball Premium Dog Toy (10 Inch)
Product Material Cotton Rope, Elastic Rubber Ball Product Specifications Ball Diameter 2.5 Inch, Total Length 10 Inch  *Small errors may occur in manual measurement  
Extra Charger Cord for Dog Training Collar with Remote
This is an extra double-headed charger cord for Dog Training Collar with Remote
Extra Charger Cord for Wireless Fence
This is an extra double-headed charger cord for 2 in 1 Luxipaws™ Wireless Dog Fence & Training Collar
Extra Collar for Dog Training Collar with Remote
This is an additional collar for Dog Training Collar with Remote. You can connect up to 3 collars to a single remote control. Easily guide and train your dog with a click of a button!
Luxipaws™ Dog Training Collar with Remote
🇺🇸  Ship From USA📦  3-6 Days Shipping Time Available🔥  Limited Discount SmartPet™ Dog Training Collar is a waterproof training collar for your dogs. It is an extremely safe and effective tool to control your dog's behavior problems, teach your dog basic obedience commands,...
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Remote Control for Dog Training Collar
Remote control for Dog Training Collar with Remote Pairing the collar to the remote control is easy and can be done in 3 steps: 1. Select the channel that is available on the remote by pressing the channel button. 2. Turn...
Signal Extension for Wireless Fence
Wireless fence is a device that relies on the stability of the signal. Sometimes there are areas that are blocked by windows, walls, trees, or any other obstacle that the receiver unable to receive signal properly and this might be...
TPU Adjustable Size Replacement Dog Collar Strap
Replacement TPU adjustable size dog collar strap fit for Luxipaws wireless fence and training collar system.
Wireless Dog Fence Transmitter
Please note: This product is only transmitter
$109.00 $99.00
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