2-In-1 Luxipaws™ Wireless Dog Fence & Training Collar
🇺🇸  Ship From USA 📦  3-7 Days Shipping Time Available 🔥  Limited Discount Tired of having your dog digging under the fence and jumping 6ft block walls to chase cats? Are you looking for a way that would let your dog...
$198.00 from $138.00
Extra Charger Cord for Wireless Fence
This is an extra double-headed charger cord for 2 in 1 Invifence™ Wireless Dog Fence & Training Collar
Signal Extension for Wireless Fence
Wireless fence is a device that relies on the stability of the signal. Sometimes there are areas that are blocked by windows, walls, trees, or any other obstacle that the receiver unable to receive signal properly and this might be...
KD Invisible Wireless Dog Fence System
Over 1.2 million dogs are killed on the roads each year. Prevent this bad thing from your dog and help them stay where they are supposed to, safely and happily. KD Wireless Dog Fence System does just that. It helps...
from $145.00
TPU Adjustable Size Replacement Dog Collar Strap
Replacement TPU adjustable size dog collar strap fit for Invifence and training collar system.
Wireless Dog Fence Transmitter
Please note: This product is only transmitter
$109.00 $99.00
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